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To begin the process of getting a loan with Oracle Lending Solutions we require you to fill out the Application Form PDF document. It is available for download by clicking the Download Now! button below. Please save this form to your computer, fill it out completely and email back to us; or print and fax; or post back to us (postal address listed on the top of the Application Form). One of our friendly staff will contact you to help you through the loan application process.

Please use this form to authorise us to process your application and remember to read and sign the
Privacy Act and Credit Check Authorisation at the end of the form. Please make sure you read our Privacy Policy listed below before submitting your details.

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Glossary of Terms
If you are having touble understanding the terms and language used in the lending process, please download the Glossary of Terms here.

Privacy Policy

At Oracle Lending Solutions, we collect the required information from our clients and then provide this to the financial institutions concerned. At all times information is strictly confidential.

For purposes of making our web site useful to our clients, we track the number of visitors and the pages visited. We also note the origin of our visitors when this information is available. This information is only ever collected statistically, and no personal information is kept.

When applying on-line, we keep the details you enter on file for the purpose of helping you with your financial broking needs. This information may be provided to our affiliated lenders for the purpose of identifying financial products suitable to your needs.

Oracle Lending Solutions values your privacy, so we will not provide our customer list to third party companies. We also implement suitable security processes to ensure the data collected is not used outside the guidelines of this policy.

Please only access this web site, or submit an online application, if you agree to the terms of this privacy policy.