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Oracle Lending launched in 2005, at a time when skinny jeans were popular and the Aussie Ugg Boot was worn on the streets. Oracle founder Angelo Benedetti identified a need for a lending broker firm to offer services in brokering for personal lending, alongside leading the sector across commercial, investment and business lending.

Did you know there are thousands lending options Australia wide! The complexity of lending across regulation, terms and conditions, with so many variations, means we’re always keeping on top of lending products. Whilst there are complexities, we keep our Zen when it comes to talking with you, in a way that makes sense, tailored to your personal and business financial needs.

Just like the wise oracle, we give you sound guidance and help negotiate the outcomes. We’re your Oracle, in your corner. When you work with Oracle, you aren’t just another client. You’re one of the family.

The founder of Oracle Lending, Angelo Benedetti, and finance broker Jaidan Ianni sat down to answer a few questions, so that you can get to know them a bit better.

Chatting with Angelo

An Interview with the founder and Managing Director of Oracle Lending, Angelo Benedetti. He started in the finance sector in 1994, and what a journey it has been across property, financial planning and growing a lending broker firm.

Chatting with Angelo

Angelo, where did Oracle all start, what was your inspiration to build up a team in the finance industry?

Way back in the 90’s I worked in the banking sector, where I gained a really strong sense and understanding of both the banking and financial planning industry. I found the real value of working directly with companies and clients, and helping them achieve their goals.

Once I realised my true passion rested within the sector working with clients and lending partners, and I felt my decent amount of knowledge regarding financial planning and lending prompted me to started Oracle Lending. That would’ve been at least 28 years ago, and I can say my passion for helping people is definitely still there. Leading a team and growing Oracle as a business and helping customers achieve their dreams is what I love doing. If anything I’m more energised today!

As the founder of Oracle, and being in the finance industry over 25 years, what have you seen as the biggest changes over recent years?

Honestly, there have been so many changes. That’s probably one of the biggest challenges of the finance industry is that it is so fast-paced and constantly changing. I think the biggest changes I’ve seen are the introduction of technology. Twenty five years ago we didn’t have access to the different software and platforms that we do today. The financial market has definitely become more complex, and of course the overall Australian economic changes always have a huge impact. Something that I’ve seen more recently is the speed and velocity of financial news. The media outlets weren’t always talking about finance, but now information is at our fingertips and changes are very rapid.

Angelo, name a hobby or pastime that most wouldn’t know about you.

I am a very big sports fan, and used to play a lot more when I was younger. Once I started my own business and had a family I didn’t have a lot of time for my own games. These days I mostly watch my teenage boys train and play soccer for local clubs. My family would say I’m a tennis tragic, I’ve always been a huge fan of Ivan Lendl. Highly suggest you search him up. I just love that while he had some natural talent, it was his absolute diehard dedication and hard work that made him one of the best tennis players of all time. I find his story really inspiring and relatable.

Share with us a recent example of solving a lending problem for a client?

Recently we helped a client who owns a practice in Melbourne. They were looking to refinance their property loan and they approached us to help them find a good interest rate. After I’d taken an initial look at their situation it was evident that the interstate rates weren’t going to give them an ideal solution. With further research, I provided them with several alternative options that delivered a better outcome for the short term. As a result, they were able to move quicker to the next stage of business plan, and with the purchase of more property returned to us to help them finance the next stage of business growth. By looking into a variety of options, it allows us to help them achieve more in a shorter time, so they can move quicker to their long term goals. That’s really satisfying.

Another example is a business owner who went directly to a bank for a loan. They contacted the bank and waited nine months for a response. Yes, an entire 9 months! When they approached us, they expected it would be tricky, as they had such difficulty beforehand. In speaking with the client I understood their situation and knew a range of lenders that would suit. I had an answer back to them in four days, with options for them to see. With one very happy client, we were able to smoothly achieve what they needed, all in one go. It really makes a difference to their lives.

Describe yourself with 3 statements

My friends and clients would say that I’m a fast talker, energetic and someone who loves a strong espresso.

Lending Specialist Jaidan

Discover the insights into Jaidan Ianni as a leading finance broker at Oracle. With a background in property and experience across lending, see how he fuses education and industry knowledge to make a big impact on personal & business clients.

Lending Specialist Jaidan

Jaidan, you started your career in property and then moved to finance. With over 9 years experience already under your belt, what do you see as the key aspect of assisting clients with their finances?

There are some key aspects that are important when helping clients with finances. Education is definitely first, as communicating about the lending sector with information to clients on what’s involved, helps them a great deal to make the right decisions. I have a passion for financial literacy, and something we should teach at schools from early school years. I could talk about finance education for hours. For business lending, it’s really important to understand and envisage the long term plans for business and the current lending options that helps drive and steer their long term goals.

When it comes to personal lending, looking at the big picture thinking is also part of the plan. i.e. What type of loan helps them for current and future life stages? What loan conditions are suitable for this client and their lifestyle? For me, it’s all about the relationship with my clients, really understanding what they need to achieve, so that I can give them the solution that is the best for them.

What is the most popular question clients ask you?

By far, the most popular questions are “What is my fortnightly repayment?” and “How much of a deposit do I need”. Clients always want to know exactly what they will need to save and budget so that they can make their repayments. I totally understand it can be really stressful taking out a loan and preparing for regular payments. That’s why we do as much as we can so that there is less stress placed on the client. At Oracle we have such a broad range of clients from business owners, self-employed individuals, first home buyers, and retirees. What they all want to know is what loan is going to be best for them and their needs, and how it is going to impact them in both the short and long term.

Jaidan, there is lots of talk in the media and news about changes to interest rates and the pressure for families and business owners. What helps them when concerned about changes?

As soon as there is a rise in interest rates, our phones ring off the hook with concerned customers. Something that I think really helps customers, and is important to me, is to explain to each customer how to manage the ups and downs of interest rates. The reality is, they are always going to change whether they go up or down, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when there is so much media speculation and negativity around them. What works for me is to explain the changes to them, show them the different options available to them and how it all works. From my experience once we do this, customers feel much calmer and better informed. It’s important to me that the customer feels safe and like they can trust us to guide them through these changes.

Jaidan, what are you doing on the days you’re not working? How do you find time to relax?

I love to spend time with my family, no matter what we are doing. But given that I spend the majority of my time at a desk and talking to clients, I definitely enjoy being outdoors. Whether it’s gardening, camping or just doing odd jobs around the house, I like getting some movement and fresh air in. Moving around and getting outside just helps me compartmentalise, and with a growing family there’s always plenty of energy in the house.

Describe yourself with 3 statements

My client says that I’m patient when explaining lending, committed to getting an outcome and a generally an easy kind of person. I hope they are correct!

Meet the Team

What our
clients say.

We worked with Angelo from Oracle for the purchases of our businesses and investment properties. The level of personalized care, attention to detail, and professionalism demonstrated by Angelo and his team surpassed our expectations. As owners of small businesses, we appreciated the honesty, transparency, and especially the warm compassion throughout the whole mortgage process. We highly recommend Angelo and his team to all our professional colleagues, and thank him immensely for all his help so far.

Le Anh

From the time I first met with Jaidan who developed a plan for me and answered all my questions, who was there for me when I thought I was stuck and answered all my calls, either driving in his car on the way to an important meeting or after hours with a crying baby in his arms - thank you so much Jaidan - you are a gun! And Isabelle who cheerfully and effortlessly handled all my queries, handled the paper work and helped me RE concerns on the late contract and helped with the FHLDS paper work. Thank you so much!


I highly recommend Jaidan Ianni from Oracle. He worked very hard on my behalf to make my life long dream come true. Thanks to Jaidan my home is being built as I write. Jaidan diligently explained each process to me every step of the way. He was always available to speak to , and on the rare occasion he wasn't available he got back to me promptly. I really enjoyed working with Jaidan due to his friendly and caring nature. And I look forward to working with Jaidan in the future .


Jaidan's integrity is what stands out the most. He is a listener, he asks the right questions and offers appropriate advice. His support and guidance through processing our financial needs, from beginning to end is the highest professional quality anyone could expect. Jaidan is well mannered, approachable, knowledgeable and willing to support our financial needs and I couldn't recommend his services more highly. I feel safe in the knowledge I am in good hands.


Jaidan was very professional from first communication right until the end. Jaidan always went over and above to ensure I was being looked after and knew what was going on. Jaidan is very knowledgeable and is able to cater to any circumstance. Being my first loan, I thought this experience would be very daunting and was unsure about the whole process prior to speaking with Jaidan. Jaidan made the whole experience a breeze, I would highly recommend Jaidan for any finance services.